Kennewick City Councilman John Trumbo had brought up the idea 8 years ago.

Trumbo proposes idea of legislative prayer

Tuesday evening during the Kennewick City Council workshop, Trumbo again suggested their meetings open with a legislative prayer.

According to KVEW-TV, Trumbo said the idea was to gain insight and help from "a higher power" when it comes to making decisions for the city.

Kennewick City Attorney Lisa Beaton told the council about legal precedent concerning the idea and said despite wide debate, there is precedent to uphold it at the Supreme Court level, according to KVEW.

Councilman Chuck Torelli said although there are practicing Muslims in the city, there is not what he called an established presence. He said if parameters were set in the city it might not allow other faiths to be represented.

   Two members say council is not the place for that (prayer)

Councilman Torelli said the city council was not a place for that, referring to the opening prayer, and Council member Jim Millbauer was in agreement.

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According to KVEW, it appears three members would vote for it, and three against. The council decided it would take up the idea again at either their July 19 or August 2nd meeting.

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