More information has been released by the Adams County Sheriff's Department, stemming from an arrest four days ago (Sept. 25) of six suspects.

Investigators say more details coming as they are still examining all the evidence, but it appears six males, one adult and five juveniles, are accused of forcibly kidnapping a 13-year-old boy, taking him to a remote location, and threatening him with death for being a "snitch."

Officials did not say where that area was, or where the six were located and arrested.

Deputies say it is gang related, the identities of the juveniles has not been released. The one adult, identified as Luis M. Soriano- Zuniga (age not given) is facing the following charges:

Kidnapping 2nd, Burglary 1st with firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and Reckless endangerment.

The five juveniles have been booked into Martin Hall Juvenile facility in Medical Lake, they're all facing the following charges:

Kidnapping 2nd, Unlawful possession of a firearm, poss of weapons capable of causing great bodily harm, Arson 2nd, and attempted theft of a motor vehicle.

No word as to how the 13-year-old victim escaped. The investigation continues.

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