We've all seen the videos on television -- perhaps on TruTV's Worlds Dumbest Drivers for example -- motorists who nearly collide with state troopers while they are conducting traffic stops on busy highways. Well, it just happened in Oregon not far from here.

An Oregon State Trooper was nearly struck by a dozing motorist west of the Dalles Saturday morning! Around 9:25 a.m. Senior Trooper Thad Routson was conducting a DUI check on a driver when a motorist who had fallen asleep at the wheel careened off the road, missing the suspect vehicle and the patrol car by less than a foot!

34-year-old Dennis Brenden of Goldendale, WA, was cited for careless driving and no valid operators license.    The OSP and other officials remind motorists to make sure they are physically and mentally prepared before they embark on even short distance journeys -- especially on freeways -- where the often monotonous stretches of road can cause driver drowsiness. They also urge drivers to slow down and pay attention when emergency or other vehicles are parked alongside the road.

In the photo showing the back of the OSP Patrol Car, you can see just how close the white Ford came to striking the officer and the motorist!   Trooper Routson estimated the car was traveling at least 65-70 mph when it left the road.


(Courtesy Oregon State Patrol)