Much of the NFL's business model is built on increasing their 'brand', spreading viewership and reeling in more money.

But after a rough and tumble 2017 season, on the eve of the Big Game, the league numbers show politics and sports don't mix very well.

Like oil and water, a number of sources reveal overall viewership was down 10 percent.  International Journalism Review, citing several advertising sources, says Sunday Night Football was the biggest loser, dropping nearly 2.2 million viewers. Monday Night Football, which has slid for years and is the 'weakest' of the prime-time games, dropped from 12.3 million average viewers to 10.9

While the revenue drop was overall slated at 1.2 percent, that compares with gains in money of 9.6 percent and 3 percent the previous two seasons. The league lost a direct amount of at least $30 million.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the latest league snafu, where the NFL rejected an ad from the group American Veterans entitled "Please Stand." It encouraged people to stand for the anthem when it's played, and show respect and honor for the flag and what it stands for. The ad was rejected as 'too political' by the NFL, leaving even the Washington Post to comment that the league is being hypocritical.  Especially since it allowed players to kneel, sit and otherwise protest the anthem throughout the season.


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