In a surprise move, Franklin County prosecutors have dismissed murder charges against the son of a woman who went missing nearly 10 weeks ago in northern Franklin County.

Carlos Rodriguez Torres was arrested for his alleged role in the disappearance of Estela Torres Rodriguez March 28. She was last seen cooking in a home occupied by one of her sons and his girlfriend. According to officials, Rodriguez's estranged husband Tiburco Rodriguez wanted to reunite with his wife, but she wanted no part of him.

Authorities believe Tiburco and another son Clemente Rodriguez Torres murdered her, and transported her body somewhere it has not been found despite exhaustive searches. Both Tiburco and Clemente are missing, and officials strongly suspect they fled to Mexico.

Carlos Torres was being held for his alleged role helping ensure nobody else visited the home while the other two family members allegedly carried out the murder.

Franklin County officials believe Estela was killed based upon forensic evidence found in the home.

The investigation continues. For more background on this mysterious, but chilling story, click on the button below.

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