Franklin County officials have a suspect in custody in connection with what they believe is the murder of a 54-year-old Franklin County woman, but he's not one of two prime suspects. He is, however a family member.

31-year-old Carlos Torres-Rodriguez is being held without bail in the Franklin County jail. Officials have not directly said what role he played in the disappearance of Estela Torres-Rodriguez. March 28 she went missing, but was not initially reported until later in the day when relatives became worried. Carlos Rodriguez is being held on suspicion to commit murder. He is one of 9 children of Estela and her estranged husband and suspect Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez.

That day, according to officials,  Tiburcio and another of her nine children, 33-year-old Clemente Rodriguez Torres, met up with Carlos (the one in jail) around 6:30am in North Franklin County. They were watching the house where Estela was staying with another son and his girlfriend. Tiburcio, according to court documents, was adamant about reuniting with his wife, they had recently separated. The husband wanted one of his sons to talk to her and convince her to reunite that day. Carlos, the one in jail, reportedly talked to her, then returned with a message for the estranged husband.

Court documents say Estela wanted no part of a reunion, she was happy away from her controlling husband.

Authorities then said Estella was home alone around 10am cooking after family members left. When they returned around 11am, she was gone, but the food was burning on the stove. Her estranged husband and son Clemente Torres were nowhere to be found at the North Franklin County home.

Her SUV was later found abandoned near a rest stop where Highway 26 meets up with Highway 395. An extensive search for miles around the home turned up nothing. But officials believe she is dead due to bloodstains on the carpet at the home and other evidence they have not released.

Tiburcio and Clemente Torres are believed to have fled to Mexico. The search for them, and Estela's body continues.



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