Boat hits dock near Bateman Island, sinks (Benton County Sheriff)

The most serious incident on Boat Race Sunday did not involve the Columbia Cup, but a speeding boater near Bateman Island.

Sunday afternoon, Benton County Sheriff's Deputies and several rescue boats responded to the area of Bateman Island, after reports of a boat hitting a dock and sinking.

Initially officials were told two boats collided in the water near the island, but then learned a boater had come speeding into the marina area, traveling too fast. They couldn't slow down enough, and slammed the nose of their boat into the dock.

The craft immediately began to take on water in the bow area and sank nose first. Four people on board had to go into the water but no one was hurt.  As of the latest reports available, the vessel was still submerged in shallow water near the dock at the Columbia Park West Marina. No word if any citations issued.

Deputies say alcohol not NOT appear to be involved.