Thursday morning, Kennewick Police, and other agencies, including Kennewick Fire, responded to the 500 block of North Morain for a report of a crash.

Police Officer Greiber shared a video, in which he said the driver was speeding, went over a median, and crashed into a parking lot, hitting several other vehicles. Fortunately, Greiber said the driver was not seriously hurt. It actually saved him by hitting the vehicles, because had he hit a building or pole, it would have been worse.

The suspect is a younger male, and is being investigated for driving under the influence. The are of the crash is less than 1000 feet south of Hawthorne Elementary, and less than half a block from where Morain turns into Neel and intersects with Clearwater Ave.

The area was closed for some time while the preliminary investigation took place, and the wrecked vehicles were cleared. Greiber pointed to the incident as a stark example of the consequences of driving impaired; as now the suspect is facing a multitude of charges not just from the DUI, but also causing extensive property damage to vehicles and the area.

Here are some images from the KPD Video, and Google Maps of the crash site.

Suspected DUI vehicle plows into parking lot

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