You'd never dispose of leftover barbecue charcoal in the dumpster, unless it's been thoroughly doused in water. Even then, you probably wouldn't. So why would you toss spent fireworks into the trash?

Pendleton officials now say an investigation shows the fire that burned an out building in town, causing thousands in damage, was due to used fireworks tossed in a large garbage can. They ignited the trash, flames climbed the building, causing destruction.

According to the East Oregonian, fire crews were called to Northwest Furnish Ave. and 12th. street just after midnight Wednesday morning, where they found the garbage unit completely engulfed in flames. It had spread to the side of the detached garage.  The building sustained several thousand in damages.

Also, police and fire crews say illegal fireworks were part of the trash found in the garbage. They found remains of mortar shells and other fireworks that are illegal in the area.

Illegal fireworks were also the cause of another fire, this one a brush fire that threatened two homes near Southwest Haily St and 15th Ave. One person was reported cited in that incident.

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