We were just waiting for this to happen.  It's, as far as we know, the first confirmed event in WA state since the new 'public' liquor sales began Friday.  At least he had good taste.

A Spokane minor was arrested Friday after alledgely attempting to grab an $85 bottle of Cognac from the shelves at the Rosauer's Grocery Store at 29th and  Southeast Blvd. in Spokane.   The man got out of the store, but was tackled by three employees who had chased him from the store.  In the process of driving him into the ground, the bottle was broken.     He was arrested by Spokane Police.

   His getway car drove off, obviously without him.  Police did not indicate if they had suspect information on the car or driver.    But after seeing this one all over the news, perhaps potential theives will think twice before trying to grab and dash with the new alcohol products in stores!