They’ve Got Clyde, But Where’s Bonnie?
Alcohol kidnappings have been on the rise. Parents with young liquor, be sure to lock your doors.
Just after a group of kids was seen leaving a store with White Claw under their shirts, Kennewick Police say these two characters stole some alcohol from Wal-Mart...
Pot Tax Revenue Tops Booze, Tobacco COMBINED in Pendleton
After Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, Pendleton City Officials estimated the tax revenues from the pot industry would be worth about $25K for the city in 2018.
That actually was way short. In what turned out to be a shockingly 'pleasant' surprise, the city took in over $200K, more …
Booze Thief Grinches Alcohol from Store
Kennewick police are seeking this guy, who allegedly slipped an expensive bottle of booze into his pocket, then strolled out of the store without paying.
It appears it may be at a Rite Aid location, anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333...

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