The more choices that stay open for WA consumers, the easier time they will have during this two week Stay Home period kicked off Wednesday. But some of what's considered essential made us laugh.

Gov. Inslee and officials urge anyone and everyone who can work from home to do so, but have put out that loooong list of what are considered "essential" workers and industries.  They include (from the government list):

"Workers supporting cannabis retail and dietary supplement retail."

Of course, liquor stores are still open as well, so people can get their 'fix' during this time.  Green 2 Go in Finley is said to be offering certain specials to clients, and even installing 'sneeze guards' to help safeguard their products.

It just appears humorous that this designation falls in the same list as other such tasks, such as police, fire, wastewater-sewage etc.  Apparently it's "essential" that people have their weed.  Wonder if Inslee is a customer? We can only guess...

To see the actual list straight from Governor's office, click on the button below.


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