It's not a transit station or public parking lot.

Tuesday night, a Benton County Sheriff's Deputy who was conducting an extra patrol on East 10th in Kennewick noticed what was said to be a "darked out" car parked near the rodeo area of the Benton County Fairgrounds.

The Deputy contacted a 21-year-old woman behind the wheel, told her the grounds are considered private property when not in use for events, and she did need to leave.

However, as she was pulling out, the officer noticed her tail lights did not work, so he pulled her over-presumably to bring that to her attention. But when she rolled down the window a second time, a strong smell of marijuana and alcohol came out of the vehicle.

Acting on probable cause the officer instituted a DUI stop, and now the woman is in the Benton County jail. Certainly don't drink or smoke and drive, and if you've got defective equipment, be prepared to be pulled over...a LOT.

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