• The following sports leagues have either suspended or cancelled their seasons due to concerns over the Coronavirus. This information is only from leagues who've taken definitive actions, and no 'maybes' or 'possible actions:'


THE Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and it's sub league, the QMJL, Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and  the WHL have "paused" rest of season, according to official word.  THE FINAL FIVE TC AMERICANS GAMES have been postponed. 

  • NBA  rest of season-suspended  TFN
  • NHL  suspended indefinitely, hopes to resume later
  • MLB suspended operations (including spring training), likely will delay start of season
  • MLS (Major League soccer) season delayed 30 days---from MLS.com this includes postponing the March 21 Sounders game in Seattle.
  • XFL   Dragons game postponed, season postponed for all of XFL
  • PGA (pro golf) The Players Championship has been postponed.  UPDATE
  • NASCAR---the race in Atlanta for the Monster Energy Series HAS BEEN POSTPONED.   UPDATED Friday 3-13-. 

Major League Baseball will suspend all operations and likely delay the start of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to ESPN's Jeff Passan. -Sports Illustrated

“The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight's schedule of games until further notice,”   --from official league statement Wednesday March 11.


  •    Most Division 1 (Major College) conferences have cancelled their post-season tournaments, including the PAC-12.
  • UPDATE   ACCORDING TO ESPN  Men's and Women's NCAA Tourneys CANCELLED.  click on button below for details.
  • NCAA CANCELS ALL SPRING SPORTS at all levels D-I through D-III


  •    College Baseball:   Many Division 1 conferences are cancelling their 2020 spring season, the PAC-12 has suspended til further notice.  (source d1baseball.com)

LOCAL--High School

  •  Walla Walla School District has suspended all extracurricular activities out of school, meaning no students will be traveling out of city for sports or other events, the same applies to incoming students-people from other districts for the same. They did NOT specifically suspend all spring sports, although this move likely means they will not happen.
  • Numerous West Side school districts have announced various closings, from a week, to two weeks, even as far out as April 24.  This will also affect teams that travel here to play games vs. Tri-City and Mid-Columbia high schools.  Click on the button below for latest West Side school district suspensions.






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