They're being hailed as heroes, but they say all they did was the right thing.

Lincoln County sheriffs are still looking for the unidentified man who attempted to abduct a toddler Sunday from a city park in Sprague, WA.

16-year-old Issac Yow and 15-year-old Andre Crane were in the vicinity of the park and heard what they called "blood-curdling screaming."  The two boys headed for the area because they said nothing like that ever happens in Sprague, a tiny farming town less than 30 miles South of Spokane.

The boys saw the man carrying the little boy, running down an alley, and gave chase.  Authorities say it's likely the man heard the teens yelling at him, and saw they were closing rapidly, and he dropped the child.  Yow and Crane found the 22-month old child sitting on the ground, crying.

After making sure he was ok, they led him back to his family, who had also given chase.  The boys say they're not heroes, as Crane told NW Cable News:

 "Well, it seemed like the right thing to do, the guy tried to kidnap somebody. Why are we going to let him get away?"

Lincoln county officials now believe the man probably had a getaway car nearby and was able to escape.  When Yow and Crane rounded the corner from the alley and found the boy, the suspect was nowhere to be found.  Authorities believe the kidnapping attempt was random.

Below is surveillance camera video of the suspect from a nearby grocery store. (Video courtesy of Nana Jote- YouTube- Lincoln County Sheriffs)

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