One of Seattle locations that will close soon----Getty Images
One of Seattle locations that will close soon----Getty Images

According to reports, Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz has some sharp comments for government officials in cities where the coffee giant is closing stores due to safety concerns and crime.

  Newsmax releases information about leaked videos

A pair of videos, according to Newsmax, were taken at an "internal meeting" and later leaked. They were posted on Twitter by Seattle KVI-AM Radio host and nationally recognized reporter-blogger Ari Hoffman on his account.

According to Newsmax, in the videos Schultz said in part:

"In my view at the local, state, and federal level, these governments across the country and leaders, mayors, and governors and city councils have abdicated their responsibility in fighting crime and addressing mental illness..."

In the videos which can be seen by clicking here, Schultz says the stores being closed (16 across the country, including 5 in Seattle, 1 in Everett, and 2 in Portland, OR) are profitable stores that are performing well. It's apparently not an issue of closing stores that are not making a profit or generating revenue.

These closures are in direct response to serious concerns over worker and baristas' safety, as well as issues of what is going on in their restrooms.

There have been numerous reports of drug use, drug deals, and other criminal activity in these Starbucks locations' restrooms, which in the past were always open to the public--regardless if they were a customer or not.

The date and time and location of the meeting where Schultz made these comments were not released, but Hoffman posted the videos on his Twitter with a time stamp of July 13th.

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These 16 stores are expected to be closed by the end of July, and workers will be given the option to transfer to other stores.

The coffee giant is also going to be offering active shooter training and other related services to its workers.

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