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In the wake of the announcement Monday that Starbucks is closing 16 stores (2 in Portland, 5 in Seattle, and 1 in Everett) nationally over crime and safety concerns, there came another announcement.

   Coffee giant will provide a variety of training programs

The Blaze TV, The New York Post, and Forbes Magazine are all reporting Starbucks will give active shooter training to baristas, as well as programs to help them learn how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. According to Forbes:

"Starbucks is also rolling out a number of new safety measures like giving store managers leeway to close restrooms, limit seating, reduce operations, and even change store layouts in response to safety concerns"

According to Forbes and other outlets, safety concerns and crimes began to recently surface during the company's regular outreach sessions. These are meetings where workers across the country gather to discuss the pros and cons of their work situations and address issues.

 Starbucks looking to re-invent itself

Based upon information from the company, under the return of former CEO Howard Schultz (who returned earlier this year), the company has ambitious plans to change itself and its strategies for virtually all aspects of its operations.

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These apparently include making their stores safer for workers. Besides the 8 Pacific Northwest stores, six will be closed in Los Angeles.

No word if the active shooter training will be mandatory, but it's expected to filter it's way out to all of the thousands of Starbucks locations soon.


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