It will be a difficult hill to climb, but GOP leaders are hoping Matt Larkin and unseat controversial (some say unpopular) Attorney General Bob Ferguson in November.

While AG Ferguson got just over 55 percent of the primary votes, Larkin got 23.6%. However, When you add the numbers of fellow GOP challenger Brett Rogers and Mike Vaska (provided their supporters swing to Larkin)  the gap narrows to about 55-43 percent.

Larkin is a former Prosecutor in Spokane and Pierce Counties, he's also worked in the White House Office of Faith Based Community Initiatives.

Ferguson first ran for AG in 2012, and was re-elected in 2016 running against an unopposed Libertarian primary candidate in the general election. He is also known for the Arlene's Flowers case, where he sued Barronelle Stutzman, the owner, for her refusal to do an arrangement for a same sex wedding. She cited her First Amendment and religious rights. She got support from 43 legislators and 17 states nationwide. The case eventually made it to the Supreme Court. interviewed Larkin in the Jason Rantz Show this week, and these are some of the thoughts he expressed about Ferguson. (from

 “We have real problems in this state, and it feels to a lot of folks that Bob Ferguson isn’t addressing them, especially lately when crime is through the roof, we’ve got a homelessness issue that continues to plague us, and drug abuse is out of control,” Larkin added. “As lawless rioters are taking over our cities, where is our AG? He’s not there.”

When asked about the well known fact that Ferguson has sued the Trump Administration 69 times and then almost gleefully boasted about it in regular press releases, Larkin added this:

“First of all, you should never be suing a sitting president 69 times. That’s just not the way the office was intended. We have real problems in this Washington. Frankly, I don’t care about that Washington. We have issues here that are pressing more now than ever. There’s a few in there that you could make a case for, but I just don’t think it’s the right time or place to be making lawsuits against the president. He claims that he’s evenhanded because he sued President Trump 69 times, and he sued Obama twice. That does not feel even handed to me."

Larkin also pointed out something perhaps he and his team and the GOP can capitalize on; he believes that Ferguson is bent on suing the President, he calls them "Trump lawsuits," then he will fund raise off them, appealing to his liberal and Democratic supporters and labor unions.

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