The bill would create a universal health care plan, open to all WA residents.

Democrats propose a payroll tax to pay for a universal health care system

It's called the WA Healthcare Trust, Senate Bill 5335. It's the proposal of Democratic Senators  Senators Hasegawa, Hunt, Liias, Nguyen, and Stanford, some of the bigger names in the legislature.

According to the bill:

"During this time of deep racial and socioeconomic inequity,  Washingtonians have watched as loved ones and neighbors slipped  through the widening gaps in our health care system."

The bill goes on to say it would create a universal health care plan open to all residents:

"the people 5of the state of Washington declare their intention to create a  single, primary nonprofit health financing entity called the  Washington health trust."

When they say "the people" they actually mean legislators who claim to be acting on the will of citizens.

The plan would be funded by a payroll tax and would create a 15-person advisory board, as well as a legislative and citizen oversight group.

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The last we heard of this bill it had been referred to the Health and Longterm Care Committee on January 12th, apparently it has not yet moved out of that committee yet. We will continue to monitor this proposal.


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