The WA State Department of Commerce announced Thursday, April 6th, the release of $24.2 million in grants for the construction of new housing in WA state.

17 of the projects are in Tri-Cities

The DOC said from the money, a total of 242 housing "opportunities" will be created by the construction of townhouses and homes.

Of those 242, 17 will be built by Tri-Cities Habitat for Humanity, according to the DOC information sheet. 

The projects in Tri-Cities are split in two, with one funding 10 DPA, or downpayment assistance programs, and the other 7 are classified as NC or new construction.

The DPA program is listed for both Kennewick and Pasco while the NC or new construction is shown as being done in Pasco.

According to the DOC, many of the projects were from what is called the BIPOC or Black, Indigenous, or People of Color drive to increase their home ownership. the Tri-City projects total just over $3.3 million.

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Yakima also received funding, for four different projects that will build a total of 11 new construction homes.

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