Despite vocal and strong opposition from Republican Committee members, House Democrats on the Environment and Energy Committee moved House Bill 1084 forward.

By a vote of 8-5, with all five GOP members voting now, the Democrats pushed ahead that bill that would eventually ban the use of natural gas in new home or business construction.

HB 1084 originally banned all future use, but was amended to place restrictions over time. It pushed back the timetable.

However, it will eventually (if passed) phase out natural gas from all new residential and business construction. Various GOP Committee members voiced their strong opposition.

Mary Dye of Pomerly, Ranking Republican on the Committee said:

 “We know the big picture here is to end every job tied to fossil fuels. This bill goes way too far when it signals it wants a whole industry and its workers to become obsolete. We should be trying to make jobs, not take jobs”

This is not a stretch, Gov. Inslee has either hinted or said outright in his press conferences he wants the state to be fossil fuel free completely within 15-20 years.

According to GOP Communiations Senior Communications Officer John Sattgast:

"Kennewick Representative Matt Boehnke (BEN’ KEE) said if the bill becomes law, nearly one million natural gas customers in Washington would see a 700-hundred dollar increase in their annual energy bill. "

The bill would take steps to accelerate removal of natural gas from homes and buildings, including use for space heating, furnaces, water heaters, interior gas fireplaces -- even back-deck barbeque grills, according to the text of the bill.

To see the page where you can voice your opinion on this bill, click on the button below.

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