Heading into the weekend the Washington State Senate passed a bill that will outlaw what is called 'Conversion Therapy' when it comes to LGBTQ youth, those who are not legally adults.

SB (Senate Bill) 5722 will forbid persons who are not adults from being required to engage in such therapy.

Some groups claim it works, others say it's controversial. It treats homosexuality and other gender choices as a mental condition, and uses a variety of techniques to change a person's gender expression.  According to LGBTQ  groups, the practice has been rejected by every major health and mental health organization.

Some of the most noteable uses have been by parents with children.

It is considered a very polarizing issue. There are a number of studies claiming it has had success, but others say it leads to depression, lack of self-esteem and psychological damage. According to USA Today (from a 2015 article) the practice is not endorsed by the American Counseling Association. During his presidency, Obama supported the effort for a national ban on the practice.

There are very few sources of hard data showing actual conversion rates of people 'changing' their genders, but supporters on both sides are adamant about their positions.


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