So what is Mark Zuckerberg doing with all the money you've invested in Facebook stock? Using it to fund research into developing mind-reading brain implants and other similar technologies. Doesn't Facebook already have enough of your information already?

Zuckerberg, the founder of the world's most-used social media, and his wife Priscilla Chan, have pledged some $50 billion dollars towards research to develop brain-reading or neurological programs that researchers say will help unlock the secrets of the brain, help cure diseases, and one day help 'import' human behavior into Artificial Intelligence (AI) or basically robots.

Zuckerberg, according to the British Newspaper The Sun, has pledged money to companies that are developing the following programs:

  • A company called Cortera, who's researchers are developing actual probes that can record and manipulate brain activity. One of the researchers says it could possibly allow a paralyzed person to use the technology to bypass damaged nerve relays, and move their arms and legs. The implants could also be used to change the brain patterns and behaviors of people suffering from mental illnesses.
  • Another company is developing 3-D imaging technology that can scan the deepest regions of the brain, and map it out with incredible accuracy and detail, which would help "unravel" thought processes and activity.
  • Another is developing ways to 'record' human thought and activity, and then be able to transport such data into Artificial Intelligence sources, such as robots.

However, critics say while such medical progress could be useful, it's also very scary if such technology could be used to control entire populations of people.  They question whether Silicon Valley can be trusted with tools to manipulate the very origin of human thought and behavior.  Only time will tell.

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