The Washington State Senate Tuesday voted 41-0 to approve Senate Bill (SB) 5037, which would make a driver's 4th DUI conviction an automatic felony.

Senator Mike Padden of Spokane, the bill's sponsor, says Washington has the weakest DUI laws in the country.  Currently, a driver has to accumulate FIVE DUI convictions before felony status is reached.

Oregon and Idaho treat a third DUI conviction as a felony. Padden says it's important to get dangerous drivers off the road with this bill.

The bill will head to the State House, where their Public Safety Committee will vote whether to bring it to the House floor for final approval or disapproval by the Representatives. The past five years, the Public Safety Committee rejected the idea, meaning House members never even voted on it.

Gov. Inslee has already indicated he will sign the bill immediately if it is passed into law.


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