Despite opposition from every Republican in the State Senate, Democrats on Thursday  pushed through SB 8402, a resolution that will continue to allow Gov. Inslee to virtually 'govern at whim.' The Democrats have a slight majority in Senate, larger one in house.

GOP Leaders had introduced two resolutions, one of which required the legislature to approve continued emergency powers every 14 days, and the other to require legislative approval for Inslee's other edicts (such as limiting the devastating lockdowns of businesses).

While GOP leaders agreed with Democrats that some of the emergency actions were necessary or helpful, others are not. Most legislators agreed to the COVID changes made for issuing driver's licenses, or moving certain government functions to remote only etc.

However, the GOP wanted to reign in Inslee's economic-business killing lockdowns. Democrats argued the GOP resolutions would have done away with the afore mentioned 'safety' protocols; however Republicans said it's the legislature's job to go over every one of them if necessary and decide if they're helping or hurting.

GOP State House Rep Jim Walsh (Aberdeen) posted this on his Facebook page about the resolutions:

"A bad vote yesterday in the State Senate. We expect to see this scud tomorrow (Friday) in the House.
It simply defies belief that so many legislators are yielding essential legislative powers to the executive branch. This is unconstitutional. It's unconscionable! It will lead to tyranny, tragedy and ruin for the people of Washington."

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