Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones reports earlier Wednesday morning Deputies assisted Moses Lake and Grand Coulee Police in apprhending a 62-year-old man who is accused of stealing a transit bus, then leading officers on a 60-mile chase through the county.

The suspect, identified as 62-year-old Richard D. Manley of Grand Coulee, allegedly boarded the small transit dial a ride sized vehicle and took it around 7AM. Grant Transit Authority (GTA) officials did not say how he was able to access and start the unit, but reported it stolen.

Deputies and Police were led on the winding chase that at times reached speeds of 80 miles per hour. Manley was spotted 30 minutes after the theft near the town of Stratford, about 3 miles away and across the lake from Moses Lake. He drove through Grand Coulee, then into Electric City where officers were finally able to disable the van by setting out spike strips.

Manley then lost control with a blown right front tire as he was attempting to turn onto another street. The vehicle went through a ditch and ended up on an embankment, sustaining minor damage.

Manley is now facing investigative motor vehicle and felony eluding charges. He was taken into custody without incident. Sheriff Jones did not elaborate if they know why the 62-year-old stole the vehicle. Below is dashcam footage via YouTube of the incident. It's likely this is a Grant County Deputy, this shows final second of pursuit before van stops.

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