Pasco police have released information about a clever sting operation that nabbed a motorcycle thief, who put the stolen Portland cycle on the Tri-Cities Facebook Marketplace!

Last Friday, two young men called Pasco police, one of them said his bike had been stolen in Portland a few weeks ago. After searching social media and sale sites, he found his newly purchased bike on the Tri-City Page.

Because the bike was registered in his name, his friend agreed to meet up with the seller, and a time was arranged. When 29-year-old Arvin Michael Zahn rode up into the Walmart parking lot he was swarmed by Pasco PD. The bike was indeed that of the victim, but the plate had been switched.

The victim and his friend showed police a text message thread from Zahn, claiming he had no title or registration but he would apply for it later and mail it to the two 'would be buyers.'  Now, Zahn is not only facing theft and possession of a stolen vehicle charges, he could be facing trafficking charges because he swiped the bike in Portland, then transported it to Pasco.

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