I know this because our daughter has spent a fortune of our money on their slushies.

Maverik on Clearwater and Union/Volland in Kennewick is a popular stop for us, usually pretty busy. And the folks who work there are pretty sharp.

Late Monday night, Benton County Deputies responded to a call from the store about a suspicious car sitting in front of the store, with several people inside.

Stolen car recovered, driver arrrested (BCSO)
Stolen car recovered, driver arrrested (BCSO)

Sometimes you just know when stuff looks 'funny.'

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Turns out when Deputies contacted the driver and occupants the car came back reported as stolen out of Pasco recently. The driver was arrested, no word on the passengers.

The owner has been notified and the vehicle in the process of being returned to them. As for the suspect, Deputies didn't release any information about them; but we know for a while they won't be enjoying the slushies like our daughter does.


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