A suspect being sought for an armed robbery got nothing after two alert workers outfoxed him.

Two employees were  at the Short Stop Gas Station in Hermiston (pictured) when they saw an odd looking man approaching from Punkin Center Road. The workers noticed he had a bandanna over his face and carrying a rifle.

The workers quickly locked the register and ran outside. The suspect ordered them back in, but they ran across Highway 207 to another business and called 911. The suspect entered the store but quickly discovered he couldn't open the register.

He then fled to a car and drove away. The car was a white four-door sedan, and last seen driving west on Punkin Center Road. He was a white male, between 6' and 6'2" wearing black baseball cap and hoodie. To go with that ensemble, he wore white plaid shorts with lime green and navy blue stripes, and black gloves.

Video has been pulled from the store security cameras, anyone with any information is asked to call (541)-966-3651. All leads can be confidential.

If video or pictures are released, we can't wait to see that clown show of an outfit!

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