It's been widely reported over the last 18 months to a year, digital social media use and other online consumption has dropped from 70% of Americans to 63%. This study shows why.

Inside Radio reports a new study conducted by Bridge Media (consulting, trends and research) shows a fatigue and 'weariness' factor has begun to set in with people of all ages who consume digital content.

The study says the growing number of media and social platform offerings actually makes consumers feel less satisfied. There's so much information out there, it's actually leaving people feeling less satisfied. The study says Digital Attention Deficit occurs when the "potential digital platform use' exceeds daily time available.

In layman's terms, when there are more offerings than we have time to look at and explore, it begins to have a negative effect.

The study says there's so much content out there, it's creating stress for people trying to decide where to go and what to explore. Once people's time becomes completely saturated, the study says, usage of certain platforms or sites will drop.

People are already becoming more specific about what types of social and other media they regularly check. Experts say people are now 'limiting' where they go and what platforms they use, deciding they can only do so much in each day.



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