remains of suspect vehicle in Kennewick (Kennewick police)
remains of suspect vehicle in Kennewick (Kennewick police)

Sunday morning, Kennewick police were busy apprehending a suspect who took out a few cars, a hydrant, and trailer while trying to flee.

Authorities didn't specify the location of the incident, but it began when an officer tried to pull over an SUV driven by James Burris shortly before 9am. The vehicle didn't have any license plates but instead of pulling over, Burris sped away. He was driving so fast he lost control in a turn, plowed over and destroyed a fire hydrant.

Then he struck a car in a private driveway, shoved that vehicle into another car and hit a trailer before bailing out and fleeing on foot. He was captured by the fleet-footed officer after a short pursuit with help from others who arrived.

Burris was taken to TRIOS Southridge ER and cleared from minor injuries sustained, and is now facing five charges, possibly more being added, from the incident.

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