Last Friday's fire, say officials, was likely started by a heat lamp attached to the wall near a dog kennel outside the large industrial building in Sunnyside.

Late Friday afternoon, workers noticed flames exploding from near a waste oil furnace, and they spread quickly. According to the Daily Sunny News, building owner John Newhouse said the building is a total loss, insurance estimates and property value estimates said the building was valued at about $218,000, but the damage to it and the three businesses inside was over $500,000.

Three businesses were housed inside the former Carquest Auto Parts store, Sun Electric, AL-Tech and Horse Heaven Farms.  Newhouse says he'd be interested in rebuilding if the tenants are interested. So far there's been interest from Horse Heaven and AL-Tech. The owner of Sun Electric said he was close to retirement, and was not going to re-open his business.

Sadly, a dog belonging to one of the workers died in the blaze, but the worker was able to save his other dog from the flames.  Four people are now out of work between the businesses, Sunnyside Fire Officials say the building is a total loss. The investigation is not finished, but fire officials say the heat lamp was likely the source of the blaze.

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