The investigation has been ongoing for some time, but now a former Sunnyside City Finance Clerk is officially facing charges, and has been arrested.

    Guillermina Chavez allegedly made the thefts during a nearly two-year period from January 2013, to December 2014.

The Sunnyside City Manager found the thefts after officials noticed a bank deposit was missing about $2,000. They contacted the Washington State Auditor's office, who looked into the matter, and found the theft.

Officials say Chavez, who was arrested by Sunnyside Police, would take in cash utility bill payments from residents, give them a receipt, but then void the transaction. The total amount she's believed to have taken is at least $18,000.

She refused to give any statement to police or anyone else at the time of her arrest. No word as to why she took the money, according to KNDU-TV.

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