Sunnyside officials are working with the Washington State Auditor's office, trying to find out where nearly $18,000 dollars in utility payments have gone to.

The Mayor says the finance clerk was a former worker who was given permissions to access certain parts of the city's financial system. Apparently they were able to make "adjustments" and a list of suspicious transactions got officials attention.

It began with one missing check they could not locate. Then in looking for that item, they came across other items that were not quite right. Working with the State Auditors, officials found just over $17,800 is missing. The former worker is also being investigated for some $18,000 in questionable transactions.

As of now the missing money is nowhere to be found, as if it just vanished. Since then the city has taken additional precautions are being taken and steps taken to change the system to prevent further such incidents from happening.

The employee's identity was not revealed, not did officials say how long they worked for the City.

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