Pasco police are shaking their heads over this one.

They got a call around 9pm Monday from the Walmart in Pasco, about the man pictured in the photos. He is accused of pushing a cart out of the store containing a large tent bag and camping ax, worth about $300.

Officer Lee of the Pasco PD happened to be in the area, and spotted him at Road 68 near Burden Boulevard. At this time, police had not been notified just yet, and she was prepared to give him a polite warning about not leaving the lot with a shopping cart. But when she approached him, he shoved the cart out into Road 68 traffic, then ran across!

Officer Lee was not able to continue the pursuit, as she had to corral the cart before it was struck by any cars.  Upon returning the cart to the store she learned that indeed the man had stolen the items, and video surveillance showed he did leave without paying. About that time, police had also learned from loss prevention officers about the alleged theft. They continued to check the surveillance footage, then noticed something.

They saw the suspect was wearing a Tri-Tech Law Enforcement class sweatshirt.  Pasco police commented that he "must have flunked the class."  Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-545-3421. All leads can be confidential.

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