Two suspects have been arrested in connection with a phony story that blew up in their faces in Grant County, thanks in part to a K-9 cop.

August 1st, around 3:30am, two men called 911 asking for help after crashing a car on Sagebrush Flats Road NW not far from Ephrata. They told authorities they'd been victims of an assault, which apparently led to the accident.

But things got fishy when stolen credit cards, cash and an illegal firearm were found in the brush not far from where the car had left the road. The car was also reported stolen earlier that morning from Moses Lake.  It appeared the two suspects lost control and piled the car into a ditch.

The cash, credit cards, gun and other evidence were found by Grant County K-9 Grizzly, more than enough evidence to link the would-be 'victims' to actual crimes themselves. 20-year-old Jose Manual Macias Jr. and an unidentified under-18 subject are being held in the Grant County Jail. Macias Jr. is facing several charges including car theft and illegal possession of a firearm.

You may try to fool officers, but you can't fool a K-9.

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