After reading this report, our first thought was, where the heck did this come from?

Certainly not the Easter Bunny!  Kennewick Police Thursday called the Richland Bomb Squad after they answered a call about a hand grenade found not far from the Benton County Fairgrounds.

Police say the reporting party found it near the railroad tracks that run near the Fairgrounds in Southeast Kennewick.  After a preliminary examination, police found the grenade was intact, and still had the pin in place.

The Richland Bomb Squad took possession, placing it in their 'safe container'.  They then returned to the scene where the object was found and searched, along with police, but no others were located.

However, Kennewick police say if anyone else in the area finds one, don't touch it, pick it up or move it. Call 911 immediately.

NO word was given as to where it could have possibly come from. From the picture supplied by police, this is an M67 model, which is one that's currently in use by the U.S. Military. It replaced the older, familiar 'pineapple' models that looked like they had squares around the body.

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