Now that the FDA has cleared the use of vaccines for 12-year-old children (they're actually classified as the 12-15 age group) the Fairgrounds Vaccination site says they've been getting questions.

From Tuesday's report and update, officials say they've received questions if they will be administering vaccines to that age group.  According to their report:

"Now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for people 12-15 years old, we have been getting questions on if the site will be administering the vaccine to that age group. We are awaiting additional information and authorizations from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH)..."

Just over 500 vaccines were administered Tuesday at the site said officials, 485 Pfizer and 21 Johnson-Johnson.

Officials also added this information for the public:

"At this time, Pfizer vaccines are only being administered to ages 16 and older. A parent or guardian is required for anyone under the age of 18 for verbal consent. Johnson & Johnson is 18 years and older..."

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As for the number of vaccines, it appears to be steady, at least 500 per day during regular operational hours.  The site says appointments are recommended for quicker processing, but also said they are not required or necessary .

Once more information is obtained by officials and it's a 'clear path' for ages 12-15 to receive a vaccine, we will see if there is an uptick in vaccination rates.

Most state officials expected a sharp rise when the vaccines were made available to everyone 16 and older; but that has not happened. Rates have gone up, but the fact that Gov. Inslee has instituted his 'vaccinated sections' and 'perks' programs to incentivize people shows the rates are not where officials want them to be.


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