It didn't last really long, but the storm that blew through the Columbia Basin Tuesday was quite violent.    Power lines down,  fires sparked,  50-60 mph gusts, and tons of swimming pools full of dirt.

Thanks to Travis Andersen, one of our Facebook friends, who sent in this image of citizens coming together in a great display of teamwork.

Seems a huge part of a big tree broke off in the wind, and fell onto 4th Ave. in Kennewick.  Travis captured a group of people who happened to live or be nearby.  They all worked to drag the huge limbs off the road.  And, a Kennewick police officer passing by stopped his car, turn on his rollers, and help direct traffic around the scene until the branch was safely off the road.

If you have any pictures from the Big Blow, send them to us - attn: - We'd like to post them.  thanks!