Kennewick Police, along with other agencies, were kept busy assisting citizens, fire crews and even rounding up stray animals after the massive blast of wind that tore through our region Sunday.

Kennewick Officers directed traffic around fallen trees, helped cut them up and move them, and joined with various groups of citizens to help unpile debris off vehicles.


One officer rounded up a couple of stray dogs and was able to help locate the owners.  Another group helped with moving a tree off of a truck, the tree had fallen on it; police learned the driver had just paid it off!

Others were busy putting up cones and helping direct traffic around trees blocking roads, even getting out the chain saws to remove limbs to help ease removal.


Also, some officers in some areas had to help with traffic where signals were knocked out due to power outages.

A number of officers were also having to respond to business alarms. Either the high winds triggered them, or more commonly, power bumps or outages caused the alarms to trip.


Although the vast majority were 'false,' officers still had to respond to make sure, and then if possible, notify the business owners (some have signs in windows with emergency numbers) that their alarms were going off.

And on top of all that, the regular routine of traffic patrols, noise calls, disturbances, and more. It was a busy day for KPD, but with help from a lot of citizens, at least the weather and storm part was made a little easier.

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Kennewick Police--this vehicle was just paid off

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