Leave it to Donald Trump to come up with this idea!

Trump, the self-made million-billion dollar businessman (depending upon which deals worked and which ones went south) has offered to donate 5 million dollars to the charity of President Obama's choice IF  the President will release any and all of his college records, applications, passport records and applications!

This is in response to the ongoing battle over Obama's 'lack of transparency' in the eyes of many critics and American citizens.  Glenn Beck said on his syndicated radio show October 24th that while Obama is the most covered, televised, and written about figure in the world, we know less about him than any previous world leader.

Some comedians compare it to the 'lost years of Jesus',  the Biblical accounts of how he went from being a pre-teen to young teenager, then was next seen riding into Jerusalem on the donkey as a man in his early 30's.  But at least the Bible hints at a lengthy period where he was in the 'wilderness' being tested and outfitted by his Father for his upcoming task at hand.

While we know, apparently, where Obama attended college, no one has seen his transcripts,  passports, travel information, or has specific details about his earlier schooling, even high school transcripts.  Trump boasted on his website he was the one who goaded Obama into releasing what was said to be his birth certificate,  now The Donald is hoping to convince Obama into becoming the "transparent" leader he promised he would be.

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