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Some of the hottest travel destinations for 2013 are not a big surprise, but others will make you say "hmmm."

Our friends at Travel Leaders who bring you "Travel Leaders Tri-Cities with Sondra Wilson" on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., have released their annual report on where the buzz is happening for vacations. Each year, based upon previous activity, new bookings, and opinions from experts in the travel industry, Travel Leaders compiles a list of the places that could -- and perhaps should -- be on your bucket list. Here's the list (italics indicate destinations that are relatively new to the top ten):

  1. European River Cruises - This relatively new method of travel combines the idea of ocean destination cruising with sightseeing.  It allows you to quickly and effortlessly visit numerous cities and countries without having to travel by car, bus or train.
  2. Mediterranean Cruises - these have always been popular but are seeing a strong upswing the last few years.
  3. Italy - Rome and other major cities, as well as strong interest in the Italian wine industry and county side are spurring this growth.
  4. Australia - More and more people are interested in seeing the world down under.  Until the last few years, this was a lesser-known vacation destination.
  5. France - Paris, romance -- what else can you say?
  6. Costa Rica - one of a number of Latin and Central American countries that are attracting numerous tourists. This country has incredible scenery, and many cultural and natural wonders that we usually only see briefly in our history books.
  7. European-Baltic Cruises - part of the renewed interest in Europe.
  8. Bora Bora - Part of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is attracting as much attention as its close island mate Tahiti.
  9. St. Lucia - part of the Bahamas, this destination is growing in popularity.
  10. England - Partly because of the 2012 Olympics, this country is enjoying a rebirth of visitors and London has seen a huge increase in visits. This popularity has also spilled over to the rest of the British Isles, including Ireland and Scotland.

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