As I've said before, I had no idea how close to home COVID-19 would hit everyone until it finally hit Tri-Cities. Sure, you can read articles and listen to the news, but until it hits your own hometown, it's hard to understand what's going on.

So, I went out and took some photos for anyone that wants to know what happens in Kennewick when everything is shut down. I didn't get to all of Kennewick, but I did visit some key spots that I used to frequent weekly. When we got to the Collonade in Kennewick, my daughter put her hand up and opened it, gesturing for french fries. So, that was pretty frightening. We go shopping enough that my 2-year-old knows she's getting food. We did go to McDonald's. It was pretty weird being the only car in the drive-thru, but the food was good.

Just like with Columbia Center Mall, I found a calming but lonely feeling as I walked around parking lots that were once packed with people going in and out. There were no parking spots to fight over, and no pedestrians to wait for in the crosswalk. What really stood out to me was AMC. The parking lot was obviously empty, but so were the frames where they used to hang the posters of movies they were showing. One of the industries to take a huge and historical hit was film-making. It's possible that Birds of Prey and Bad Boys for Life will be your Oscar contenders if we even have the Oscars at all in the winter. Let that sink in. Another thing I found interesting was how many TVs and lights were still on at Best Buy even though the doors had the security gates drawn.

Let me know if there are any places in town you'd like to see my take pictures of, especially if you can't go out of your home at all.

Kennewick During COVID-19

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