Pasco Police now say the two people arrested in connection with a theft-sell scam were part of a previous scheme involving stolen air conditioners earlier this year.

33-year-old Zachary Dale Young and 23-year-old Maria Marcella Pacheco are in custody after a Tuesday morning arrest.

Pasco Police say the two ran an ad online offering for sale a large number of new Craftsman tool batteries, still in the package. Detective Josh Glass picked up on the suspicious fact that they were 'still in the package,' so he set up a text conversation-turned sting with the two. (still in the package is one of a number of potential signs the merchandise for sale is stolen, especially multiple items).

After meeting the pair at a Pasco motel, they were arrested along with the merchandise. Upon arresting the pair, Detectives recognized them as being previously involved in a similar theft-sell ring from four months ago. The current merchandise, batteries, turned out indeed to be stolen.

Young and Pacheco, whom police say are classified as homeless (no known addresses) were the 'sellers' of shoplifted portable AC units that other people in the scheme were stealing from area stores in early summer.

Officers do remind citizens that one way to boost a misdemeanor shoplifting charge into a felony is to sell the stolen goods. This case continues to be under investigation.

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