The officer pictured is Kyle Foreman, the Public Information Officer for the Grant County Sheriff's Office.  He was giving a report about a theft, shooting, and chase that occurred Thursday afternoon. The car behind him is the suspect vehicle.

 Suspects fire at farmworkers after stealing their backpacks from their school bus

Around 1 PM Grant County Deputies were alerted to an incident, where three suspects were caught stealing farmworkers' backpacks off their transportation bus. As they were confronted, they fled, firing at least one shot at the workers.

The suspects then fled in the car pictured in our story. As Grant County Deputies, Washington State Patrol troopers, and Royal City Police searched, they spotted the suspect car near town and began to pursue it. The suspect driver led authorities on a brief but high-speed chase on various roads, with speeds approaching 100 MPH.

   Pit maneuver dumps suspect car into a ditch


Car in ditch after pit maneuver (GCSO)
Car in ditch after pit maneuver (GCSO)

Foreman reported an officer was able to spin the car out near the intersection of State Route 26 and O'Brien Road, sending it into a ditch. The three suspects, whose identities have not yet been released, were caught without incident.

Foreman said the car was full of what appeared to be a wide variety of ATV, farm implement, car, and truck batteries, all likely stolen.  There have been numerous reports on social media by area citizens about a person or group of persons who have been stealing them over the last few weeks.

Foreman says anyone who had a battery stolen in the area or has any information or surveillance footage to please call (509)-672-1160. Foreman's full report is below.

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