Kennewick police have suspects in custody after a shoplifting incident at JC Penney at the Columbia Center Mall Thursday.

Authorities say store officials reported the suspects fled the store having stolen a variety of items, including some expensive athletic shoes.

However, the getaway van, if you can call it that, was distinctive because of it's decrepit condition. Police located the vehicle near West Albany and North Irby streets. It was quickly pulled over and the suspects ran.

Two were apprehended, and inside the vehicle police found the JC Penney items, and possibly other stolen property as well.

Crappy getaway vehicle being impounded (Kennewick police)
Crappy getaway vehicle being impounded (Kennewick police)

Reports indicate store workers were able, as were police, to easily identify and locate the vehicle because the white Dodge Caravan was in such bad condition. So much for a reliable getaway ride.

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