They're baaaaack! The folks who brought you bacon flavored chapstick, Baconlube personal lubricant, now bring you...a coffin!

For $3,000 you can now purchase a coffin that is wrapped in bacon.  Well, it's painted like bacon.  Laws will not allow someone to purchase an actual bacon coffin, but it sure looks like it!  Comes complete with bacon air freshner, to combat that "buried underground, not so fresh feeling" as it says on the company website.   It sells for $2,999.99, so basically 3 grand.  

 J&D Foods in Seattle are also responsible for Baconnaise, and Bacon Salt.  You might remember when Newstalk 870 gave away Baconlube in time for Valentines Day, but we won't be giving away any bacon coffins anytime soon.   The company owners acknowledge, they're "probably going to hell"  for this one!

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