Sometimes you wonder if criminals would only apply their brain power to legitimate causes, they'd be a lot better off.

Kennewick Police arrested  Barbara Balcita (age, address not listed) at the Kennewick Walmart Tuesday after she allegedly tried the old 'bring your own plastic bags and fill them with merchandise' trick.

Around 10:15PM, Balcita allegedly pulled a number of plastic used Walmart bags she brought with her, then proceeded to fill them with a number of items. Then thinking the store security and cashiers would assume they were paid for because they were bagged, she tried to stroll out.

However, store workers stopped her, and discovered the theft. Instead of shoplifting she's now facing at least 2nd Degree Burglary and other charges because she'd been banned from Walmart for shopifting in 2019. Plus, Police learned she has three outstanding warrants.

She's now in the Benton County jail. No word if she was allowed to keep the old plastic bags for recycling.

If only these folks would focus on using their brain power for good.

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