Authorities are wondering if the thieves got the boxes they were looking for, because what they took might not be easily sold on the Black Market.

Authorities continue to investigate the theft over the weekend of some 30,000 condoms from a Las Vegas sex toy warehouse!

According to CBSLocal TV in Vegas as well as CNN, security cameras recorded the burglars taking a number of boxes from the facility. Inside were the condoms.  According to CBS Local, one official described them as the 'horniest' burglars they'd ever seen.

The facility belongs to the Swedish company Lelo, who manufacture toys of that nature and also condoms and other protective devices. Officials with Lelo were rather good natured about the theft, saying whoever grabbed them probably didn't take them for 'testing' purposes. Officials say it's possible they also got some 'toys' in their grab. It's uncertain exactly what the thieves were specifically after.

Officials didn't say if they had any leads.


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