Pasco Police are seeking tips to ID this guy, he's accused of helping himself to a beer delivery at a convenience store.

July 3, Thursday, around 9:10AM, this guy allegedly made off with a 24-pack of Coors Light from the Kahlotus Corner convenience store on the Pasco-Kahlotus Highway North of Highway 12.

Police say the man helped himself to the case of beer, took it off a delivery pallet, put it in the back of his truck. He then pumped his gas, paid for THAT, and drove off. It was only later that the delivery driver and clerk realized he'd taken the beer when they came up short.

The man was driving this white pickup, towing a large orange and black portable cement mixer behind it. Anyone with any information about who this person may be, they're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.


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